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Action Figure

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I don’t know when the last time you picked up an action figure was, but it’s astounding. They have more moving parts than I do. The points of articulation range in the upper teens to the mid thirties. It’s like some kind of miniature man genius is locked up in a laboratory/factory making God-like, plastic encased, history.


Quick fact sheet about Action figures:


Action figures are not sold or marketed for children.


Action figures can be valued in the hundreds to even thousands of dollars.


Action figures aren’t meant to be played with.


People who collect action figures make geeks and nerds look “sporting” “suave” and “devilishly attractive”.


Action figure is a pathetic attempt to make “doll” seem masculine, i.e. there is no “action” in an action figure.


Toys are amazing molds of plastic. They give children something to loose, break and leave out in the middle of a heavy trafficked, barefoot, walkway. When I was a kid, most action figures were paraplegics. I didn’t care, it was my imagination that made them move, not their remarkable engineering.


I can’t believe Transformers have made a comeback. This is the worst action figure, (to play with) ever. Don’t get me wrong, the “transforming” part is cool, but once it was done there wasn’t much you could do with it. They were about as durable as a paper plate. To quote Tom Hanks’ character from ‘Big’, “and this is robot that turns into a building. What’s fun about playing with a building?”


The other day I was walking through the toy aisle and I say a sign reading, “Creative Play”. On the shelf was ninja gear, cowboy gear and more guns than the South Central evidence room. Good to know that creative is synonymous with assassination and “shoot ‘em up”. “Look at little Jimmy pretending to slice off Billy’s head. They’re so creative, aren’t they?”


To be honest, this is all in preparation for the launching of my own Ramblin’ Rooster action figure. I’m still trying to decide if I want the jelly bean, rear exit hatch feature to be incorporated.


Now you tell me, if you were going to be an action figure, what accessories or features would you have?


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