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Awkward Moments

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In today’s world, awkward has really lost its power. There use to be a time when awkward made people want to kill themselves. These days awkward is used to sum up or describe the most mundane of experiences.


“So I was asked him if he liked Duran Duran and he never answered. Talk about awkward.” “I say Carlita at the mall buying a ‘Thigh Master’. It was really awkward.” I’m sorry to inform you, it’s not awkward, it’s silliness.


Here’s an example of awkwardness:


Say what you will about the testament of marriage, nothing can stop a wife from becoming despondent after walking in on you having an “intimate moment” with a vacuum.


You can try clever and witty defense maneuvers like:


“What time is it? I thought the thing ended at eight.”


“Ha, ha, pretty funny, huh?”


“You always said you wanted me to clean around the house.”


“These attachments really do make all the difference.”


“How can this be dirty?”


“Look at the bright side, at least your sister’s not here this time.”


Come on, you can’t tell me that the inventor of the vacuum didn’t try it at least once. I for one believe that it was it’s first intention.


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