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Guest Towels

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In keeping with the germaphob, (because I still refuse to call it Spermatophobia) theme from last week, tonight is about visiting someone’s house, more particularly using the bathroom at someone’s house.


I like to use the bathroom when the urge presents itself. I’m not the kind of person that likes it buckle over in pain because I’d rather hold things inside rather than share them with a strange toilet. Call me crazy… CRAZY! Stop it.


Before you get excited or disgusted, this post isn’t about the actual happenings of using the bathroom, the sights, smells, sounds or a wild, Hollywood romantic-comedy subplot about overflowing toilets and nightmarish mishaps. This blog takes place after all is said and done.


Guest towels! Washing your hands is a must after using the bathroom, whether you work in the food industry or not, (i.e. it’s not just for employees anymore). I like to wash my hands thirty-eight times a day. Call me crazy… CRAZY! I said stop that.


The problem I have is when I finish washing my hands. There are several problems that occur.


  1. There is no hand towel – (the most obvious problem, yet in the end the most easy to deal with. I use my armpits as a towel or style my hair. Sometimes I rub my face and the back of my neck. The guest thinks I was sweating and wonders what I was doing in there. Gives them something to talk about after I leave.)
  2. There is no hand towel, but there is a bath towel hanging equally spaced between the shower and the sink – (this is difficult to gauge. Depending on where you are, the owner may not believe in “hand towels” thus this giant bath towel could in fact be the hand towel. Then again, if it is a bath towel the thought of drying your newly cleaned hands where Frank dried his ass is more than just a little disturbing. Go with option #1.)
  3. A hand towel is present, but it’s crusty, or stained, or has dried toothpaste on it, or it smells of mildew, nachos and cigar smoke – (nothing is worse than a brown hand towel, especially if the towel’s natural color isn’t brown. The safest bet on any hanging hand towel is to gently blot dry at the top of the towel, along the fold where it hangs from the ring or bar. Most people dry using the front or back of the hanging towel thus leaving the top virtually clean.)


Best bet is to always carry your own hand towel wherever you go. If you think this behavior is too weird or will make you standout in the crowd you can do what I do and buy an entire wardrobe of bowling clothes. This way you can seem like an avid sportsman who’s always coming over after a tournament game.


Carrying a bag with an actual bowling ball is optional. It’s up to you how far you want to take it.


Egg On!

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The answer to last weeks riddle was “All months have 28 days”

Congratulations to Claire (riddle champion-hat-tricker) for the correct answer with honorary victories going to Capitalist Lion Tamer and Scott for answers bearing humorous motive. This week’s prize is a $10 TGIF gift card, (in honor of Scott’s favorite restaurant). CLT and Scott can sit with Claire and watch her eat dessert. Have fun!


Tonight’s riddle:


What do you call a zipper on a banana?


Submit you’re answer as a comment for the chance to win fabulous make-believe prizes and come back next Sunday for the answer. Good luck!