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The Plot Thickens

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This is part seven of an ongoing series.

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The story so far: Being made fun of at work by my co-workers after I was victimized by an office prank/accident, I got angry and sought revenge by dosing everyone at the company picnic with LSD laced brownies. Just as everyone was starting to freak out and have fun, the cops showed up and arrested me. I spent the night in jail and was released with a court date. I discovered that Mike was out to get me. I went to confront him and discovered him dead in his bedroom.


I’ve often heard that only the guilty run, but my guess is whom ever coined that phrase wasn’t standing over a dead body after being knocked out, coming to and having no idea how the body arrived at being dead. Who shot Mike and why? I lifted, or rather slightly rolled Mike over with my foot. The bullet path looked like it traveled from his chin to his forehead, just grazing his face, but not a fatal shot.


I walked into Mike’s office, the place where he had confronted me originally. I frantically looked around. I felt like the cops were probably on their way and going to jail two days in a row was not my idea of fun. I noticed a bookshelf knocked over and an impact impression in the side of the wall in the shape of a human head with a little bit of blood. It had to be my blood. I punched the wall and pulled off the piece with the blood on it and put it in my pocket. I looked up at the ceiling and noticed a blood splatter and a hole. I looked down and noticed several electrical cords draped along the floor. I felt satisfied, so I took off. There was no way I was sticking around to try and explain this to the cops.


Outside, I was amazed at how I wasn’t in police custody by now. How was it that nobody heard that gun fire? I hopped in my car and drove to Wade’s house, a friend of mine. On the way over I pieced together what I thought probably happened. Mike pulled the gun; I tried to take it from him, tripped on the electrical cords and hit my head on the bookshelf and then the wall knocking myself out. The bookshelf fell onto Mike and in effort to shield himself, he must have shot himself in the face somehow. He probably went to the bathroom to look at what he had done and either passed out from the sight of it or from blood loss and bled out on the floor.


I went to Wade’s house because not only is he’s a good friend, but he’s also a photography enthusiast with a darkroom in his basement. I gave him the negatives and thirty minutes later we were looking at pictures of the naked woman. Turns out it was Amanda in the pictures and these weren’t the kind that she was voluntarily posing for either. Those usually don’t have blinds and windows frames in the shot.


What was going on here? Why would Mike have pictures of Amanda nude, which he obviously took while hiding in the bushes. He seemed so normal and nice, the last guy you’d figure for a peeking, picture snapping, pervert.


It felt like I didn’t have much of a choice, I had to confront Amanda.


(to be continued tomorrow)


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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

April 28, 2009 at 3:29 am