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Prince of Persia Epilogue

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I just ordered, or rather I downloaded, Prince of Persia ‘Epilogue’ today. I have to say that I am even more angry, hurt, frustrated and angry, (did I say angry twice?) than when I finished Prince of Persia ‘Sands of Time’. Don’t get me wrong, the only reason I’m feeling all of these things is because I love this game so much.


Let me just say that I’m not a big “gamer”. I don’t have the experience, time vested, or the skill set to be slumped in with those guy/gals. I’m a novice at best, but I was able to play and eventually beat the game. I probably wouldn’t have bothered if I’d known I was going to get hung out to dry so badly with the story line.


See, I like there to be substance in my games. I like the banter of the Prince and Elika, hearing the history and listening to the immense story that the makers of this game obviously worked hard on. As soft as it may sound, I really wanted to see the tension of the two of them to explode in the end. So what do they do? Elika dies! Yea, not really what I was expecting. So then I hear news that ‘Epilogue’ is coming out and it will pick up where the last period of ‘Sands of Time’ left off. I’m excited and happy again, but for how long.


Ten dollars to download this game and it took me two hours to play through it. So for gamers it was probably like ten minutes. Not worth it and I knew it before I bought it, but as I said before I love this game and I never wanted it to end so I didn’t care.


So I get to the end and I thinking to myself, “Wow that was fast. Kind of a rip-off, but oh well, at least I get to finish the story.” NOPE! The cliff hanger on this game is ten times worse than ‘Sands of Time’.


What is up with Ubisoft? They make some of the best games, but their endings are kick-you-in-the-balls-when-you’re-not-looking-horrible. Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed are two of my favorite and both have absolute dreadful endings. I understand that you want to leave me hanging so I’ll buy the next release, but a cliffhanger isn’t slamming on the brakes when you’re driving 100 miles an hour. They shouldn’t even be legally able to call it Epilogue, because it doesn’t finish or conclude anything.


I guess I’ll just have to wait till 2012 for the next full game release. Damn you Ubisoft! Do I smell Price of Persia Double Epilogue? How ‘bout Prince of Persia & Altair double teaming with Elika… that came out wrong.


I’m sorry Sunnah. (Sunnah left me a comment about being human and not posting advertising nonsense, but I needed to get this off my chest and I wanted to write it before I read your comment, so please forgive me. As for my other readers who are asking themselves, “What’s this kind of blog doing here on Rooster’s page, I assure you it’s over now and I won’t do it again.)


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Ramblin’ Rooster

Written by Ramblin' Rooster

March 7, 2009 at 4:43 am

PS3 Blows My Mind, Means I’m Just Old

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So what? I bought a Play Station 3, what’s the big deal? A non-gamer, old man, went out and had an impulse purchasing moment and bought a $400 dollar gaming system, is that a problem? I guess only if you’re one of the people at a company which sends me monthly bills, because I won’t be paying you this month, or next month probably.

I’ve never been a gamer. I played “Pong” and the arcade classics like Asteroids, Pit Fall, Donkey Kong, Elevator Action, Spy Hunter, Galaga, and Pac-Man. I even owned the Atari, Vic 20 and Commodore 64, but kind of let video games go when Nintendo took over the market/home scene. Many years passed by as did the Play Station, Game Cube, Play Station 2, X-Box and all the hand held Nintendo gems. I tried a couple of Play Station 2 games, but it didn’t take.

“So how did this happen,” you might ask? A commercial, a stupid, freaking commercial made my “go for it”. It was for Mortal Combat vs. the DC Universe, the part where the Joker pulls some attack move on a MC character and does a little “happy dance” in delight. It just seemed like so much fun. I wanted to be the Joker and do the “happy dance”. Am I really this simple? Sadly, yes.

Well, I got the PS3, but not the game yet. It goes on sale in six days so I’m going to wait and at $60 (new) every penny’s worth of savings seems worth it to me. In the mean time, I bought some used games because I had to try it out of course. Man oh man, how times have changed. No wonder the military snatches young kids out of their futons in the middle of the night to make them black-op soldiers, those games are incredibly hard. Remember in the good ol’ days when if you simply got close to doing what you were suppose to be doing, the game would do the rest for you, like jumping to a vine, running through a door or shooting a bad guy? Those days are long gone. I always wondered why my son would search the internet for “cheats” and why there are books published on how to beat a game. Almost every nuance of being human is now incorporated into the game and it’s no longer a novice’s playground.

I’m more than aware that my amazement is nothing short of just being old. That the graphics/technology for today’s youth isn’t a major accomplishment deserving recognition because what they were upgraded from wasn’t that bad to begin with. I know that my confused feeling about all those buttons and what seem to be impossible button maneuvers are being laughed at by six year olds around the globe. I’m not blind to the fact that there is very little difference to me in my living room with my PS3 and shaking my head at the elderly man driving the Lamborghini, but in the same way I’m sure he feels, this is just too cool to care.

In any event, congratulations to all those who can kick my ass at any game I play. All I can say is too bad it’s not a skill that transfers into the real world. “Thanks for your resume Timmy. Says here you have no real work experience, but can get to level 27 on Toxic Kill Zone IV. Yeah, that really isn’t a prerequisite for being the Fry Guy at Burger-Mart. Sorry.”

Which sucks, because I could use a second job to help afford games and another controller?

Egg On!

Ramblin’ Rooster

Written by Ramblin' Rooster

December 1, 2008 at 5:19 am