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Spam Isn’t Necessarily Bad

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Most people, and when I say most people I mean everybody, hates spam. The world works so hard to stop, control, prevent and contain spam. I wonder how much money the “spam prevention” industry does a year. Before you go throwing your e-tomatoes at me, please note that I am not an advocate of spam. However, from time to time, I do enjoy reading the subject lines of spam in my spam filter. Here a few of my recent favorites.


-“Change the time in your pants from 5:30 to 12 sharp”

-“A watch doesn’t only indicate the time, it also indicates your status”


Ironically both of these came at relatively the same moment. They almost seem like the same thing or the same company, although the product is completely different. Unless it’s for a watch your wear on your penis, which would be pretty cool and a great, new way to sexually harass people.


“Change the time…”

I don’t like the fact that it puts the idea of something sharp in your pants, but other than that I like this one just because it’s so silly. Now, walking around with an erection seems like an odd selling point, but who knows, it could be a fresh new angle to generate fresh clients. The silliness to me is the metaphor to a watch or clock. What an odd thing to compare your failing manhood to. Is a broken penis right at least twice a day? The best part is that it’s 5:30 and not 6. I like the fact that they allow for or thought of the “leaning” aspect.


“A watch doesn’t…”

Much like its brother, this one is just so silly. Depending on the model, a watch may also offer you the date, heart rate monitor, GPS navigator, telephone, television, stop watch, PC/calculator, compass, thermometer and alarm. Also, a nice watch could mean that the wearer pony upped the cash for a nice watch. Could be this lavish and extravagant wristwatch connoisseur really lives in a trailer, but has a passion for fine, precision timepieces. Finally it indicates your status as what? Someone who can tell time?


I wish I had a 12 sharp, status indicating watch in my pants, too bad those e-mails got blocked.


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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

April 10, 2009 at 3:37 am